As a partner of Le Projet Imagine, your company can be associated with a powerful and universal message of hope.
And this partnership enjoys widespread visibility thanks to the Imagine films that are being shown in the media worldwide.

Here’s what you can do:

Support Le Projet Imagine project through financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship or an in-kind donation
Become a partner of an Imagine event
Become a partner of an Imagine film
• Become a strategic partner of Le Projet Imagine over a period of several years

Your donation to Le Projet Imagine project is deductible up to 60% of your total donated amount, limited to 5% of your total revenue excluding taxes. In other words, after your tax deduction, a 5000€ donation will only cost you 2000€.

There are dozens of ways of experiencing the Imagine adventure, it’s up to us to invent it together!

Contact us : Louis Cazemajour louis.cazemajour@leprojetimagine.com

Join us

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