Le Projet Imagine is spreading its wings in 2020!

Le Projet Imagine is spreading its wings in 2020!

Le Projet Imagine is spreading its wings in 2020!

”Dear Friends,

As you know, at Le Projet Imagine, we are determined to believe in the best of things, as we are taught so well by the example of our Humble Heroes. Which does not mean that this is an easy thing to do, and covering our eyes when difficulties become obvious is out of the question. 

Our hope lies in a balancing act between refusing black-and-white explanations, in looking for that touch of color, in other words, in embracing the sometimes bittersweet flavor of the poetry of our lives. 

If there is any one person who expresses this subtlety of thought to perfection, it is my dear friend Philippe Courbon, lecturer and founder of the firm Cabinet IDEE. I like to say that Philippe is an enlightened humanist. He has truly devoted his life to chiseling the word HUMANITY in golden letters.

And so I cannot resist sharing with all of you, Dear Friends of Le Projet Imagine, the wonderful wishes that Philip sent me a few days ago. They express so perfectly what I have in my own heart that I am taking the liberty of sharing them with you as they stand. Why share a clumsy paraphrase of something said with such perfection?
Thank you, dear Philippe, and a very beautiful 2020 to all!”

Frédérique Bedos

”Allow me to share with you the following challenge: living in timelessness! Choosing that which is sufficiently beautiful, true, awake, that is becomes worthy of being lived always –  so nothing less than “eternalizing your life”!

I feel it is urgent to discern what we need to “despond” in order to truly understand what we need to “respond” and hope for.

And to do this while being present in the world, open to the fraternal human condition that binds us all. I therefore wish us all, for this new decade, hope, brotherhood, loyalty and the very fuel of our lives – Love!

Looking forward to this together with you, and with all my heart

Philippe Courbon

Le Projet Imagine back in Singapore!

Le Projet Imagine back in Singapore!

In mid-November, Frédérique Bedos landed in Singapore for a brief but intense stopover: a festival, conferences, a television interview… Her mission: to continue to build awareness among residents in Southeast Asia about Le Projet Imagine’s message. 
▶ A look back at this beautiful adventure  

     “Jean Vanier, the Sacrament of Tenderness” for the closing of the Voilah! French Film Festival     


Our film “Jean Vanier, The Sacrament of Tenderness” was given the honor of closing the Voilah! French Film Festival, which was held from November 4th to 17th in Singapore. As producer and director of the film, Frédérique Bedos was invited to present it to a very enthusiastic audience: in just 2 days, every seat for the screening was sold out!

Among the guests were His Excellency Mr. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France in Singapore, Mr. Anthony Chaumuzeau, Advisor for Cooperation and Cultural Action at the Embassy, Mr. Kelvin Koh Chi Wee, CEO of MINDs, and Mr. Sherman Ho, Director of Partnerships of the Singapore Film Society. As further proof of the interest shown in this film, we also noted the presence of members of the Ministry of Education.

At the end of the screening, our founder was able to have a prolonged exchange with the audience. The attendants were particularly receptive to the story of the great man, as well as to the singular philosophy of L’Arche, where empowerment of disabled persons is at the very heart of the organization. In Singapore, the expression used is “self-determination”.


     A Privileged Screening with French Citizens Overseas    

The film was also shown at a special viewing for French Citizens Overseas, with the support of AFS (an organization that welcomes French nationals in Singapore) and UFE (Union of French Citizens Overseas). Once again, it was a very moving moment!

These special moments with the Singaporean audience that came in large numbers to discover our film were an excellent opportunity to convey the message of this great man far beyond our borders. And this is also a good sign as concerns the international distribution of the film, which should begin very soon. We will let you know.

  Le Projet Imagine on the BBC  

During her stay, Frédérique Bedos had the opportunity to respond to various media requests. She was interviewed by the famous Asian journalist Sharanjit Leyl for BBC Asia Business Report and BBC Newsday.

     Conference on the power of the media     


On the strength of her intuition regarding the urgency of using media power for better purposes, Frédérique was led to give a lecture at the FCA (Foreign Correspondent Association) and Club 1880. The debate was moderated by Sharanjit Leyl, BBC journalist and CFA President, on the topic of the role of the media and the power of hope. Founded in 1956, the Singapore Foreign Correspondents Association is one of the oldest and most important foreign media organizations in Asia.

As always, enriching exchanges followed! This moment of sharing also earned Frédérique a standing ovation (a rare occurrence for conferences organized at Club 1880, despite this venue being specialized in inspiring debates). This event also enabled us to build relationships with other NGOs, such as Women on a Mission or Her Planet Earth.

     Our volunteers in action: A noteworthy talk at Edenred Asia     
You may remember that last June, Frédérique went to Brazil for the Ideal Day, a day of international solidarity organized by our partner, Edenred Group.

Our team of volunteers based in Singapore rallied to participate in the launch of the Edenred Heroes Challenge 2020, building awareness in Edenred teams about the values of our NGO.
We extend our gratitude to our entire team of volunteers in Singapore, with special thanks to Anne, Laurence, Florence and Christine. You are amazing! 
See you soon for new Imagine adventures!

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