Frédérique Bedos, founder of Le Projet Imagine

For 15 years, Frédérique worked as a journalist and TV and radio host both in France and abroad. She has hosted many prestigious prime-time shows. In 2010, she began a fantastic adventure by creating the information NGO “Le Projet Imagine”. Her goal: inspire in order to take action!


In this TEDx video, Frédérique Bedos relies on an unusual life story to make us realize that taking risks is worth it, and that anything is possible. A powerful tribute and a genuine message of love!

The Little Girl on the Swing

Her adoptive parents in the northern part of France were her first source of inspiration – they took her in as well as 20 “unadoptable” children from around the world. She talks about it in her testimonial biography, “La Petite Fille à la Balançoire” (The Little Girl on the Swing) (publ. Les Arènes 2013, republished. by “J’ai Lu” in 2015).

You’re invited to participate in a great human adventure

Le Projet Imagine is an Information NGO that works with the media to raise awareness about the urgent need to save not the world but rather the beauty of the world! Because, of course, the world will survive. But what kind of a state will it be in? Herein lies the real question.
Our answer is to produce films that follow the same editorial line: journalism with hope! With a friendly, benevolent and constructive outlook, our films aim to make people want to do something. Because the ultimate goal is to generate a broad popular movement that wants to invent a different way of being in the world: this is the Imagine movement.

Join me in the Imagine Movement

The change will come from us and that is good news! No more feeling helpless and getting depressed about it. Time to get going!
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