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Why and how do you support the NGO Le Projet Imagine?

When I heard about Le Projet Imagine, during a presentation organized by Le Souffle du Nord (Hi there friends!), I immediately found meaning in the process: an NGO that decides to communicate to change the world, that speaks to me as an advertiser. Together with Frédéric Clipet, President of the agency DPS&Co, we were moved by the sincerity, strength and enthusiasm of the Imagine Project team. We immediately offered to provide support for all communication in the form of skills sponsorship. At DPS&Co, this kind of sponsorship is based on every individual’s personal motivation. Whoever wishes can commit to the case, sometimes at the risk of agreeing to a heavier workload (we have to prioritize our client schedule ;-). As for the company, we provide the financial support. We get involved both individually and as a group.

In practical terms, how did this work within the company?

Things came naturally: depending on the issue (graphic charter, communication strategy, logo, poster, website, event …), I would contact whichever employee was best able to meet the need, and I would suggest that they join the adventure. There is something magical about the Imagine Project: you tell someone about it, and they automatically volunteer. By capillarity, all the teams in Paris and Lille are now involved for the Imagine Project. It makes us truly happy to use our professional skills to help. Once in a while we get to spend some time with the Imagine Project team. It’s crazy how good that makes you feel! (Thank you :-D)

And from now on, DPS is fully part of the Imagine Movement, isn’t it?

That’s right… The Imagine Project is inviting us to take action (from inspiration to action). At the company, we spend eight hours a day together, we are able to get involved when something bad happens to one of us, solidarity is in our Group’s DNA, so let’s also expand that to the outside world by sharing our capability with those who need it. The project is called the “Solidarity Calendar” and it is very simple: one action per month, open to anyone wishing to participate (employees and partners). We hope to start early 2017 and for DPS&Co to become a Humble Hero.