Board of Directors

Frédérique Bedos

Founder of Le Projet Imagine

Gonzague De Blignières

"Supporting a project like Imagine, or a person like Frédérique is a source of pride for me!

Our world is so in need of positive energy! "

Pascale Dubois

Edouard-Malo Henry

"I want to help Le Projet Imagine to embody its tremendous inspiration in concrete, measurable actions. "

Bertrand Cardi

"I have been fortunate enough to accompany Le Projet Imagine from the beginning, it has always opened my eyes, and I now hope to help spread the word even further. "

Ana Busto

"Because the ambition to transmit optimism and positive energy inspires me.

Because the convictions and resilience of the Imagine team move me. "

Xavier Moreno

"I want to help a beautiful humanist project and its founder, to multiply its beneficial impact on our society."

Nathalie Sonnac

François Rougnon

"Positive thinking is essential to initiate benevolent actions, but this cannot be decreed, we can only influence, or at least inspire others. What to do in this sense? The task is difficult, especially since measuring the impact is almost impossible!

Frédérique Bedos has dared to venture down this path, with a touch of madness and contagious enthusiasm. We are happy and proud to accompany her in this process. "


Jérôme Wittlin

"Le Projet Imagine is not an NGO like any other. It aims to change the world by changing people, by changing each individual, by allowing everyone to develop, to blossom, to take responsibility, to grow.

By joining the Board of Directors, I am doing a small part of my part to help Frederique who is doing more than her part. "