The mission of the Imagine Project is a subtle one, namely to design innovative tools that are participatory, interactive and inclusive, with the aim of fostering the emergence of a culture of respect, mutual aid, solidarity, and otherness… In a word: a culture of peace. 

What Le Projet Imagine is in fact doing is waging a cultural battle on a daily basis, addressing everyone.

Impacts are diverse in nature and spread out over time, in the short, medium and long term. Ultimately, the aim is to pacify the atmosphere in our society and prevent the aspects which, in the long run, could rip apart both our social fabric and our spirit of social cohesion.

In order to be able to fully appreciate the effects of our actions, on a qualitative basis, we deemed it necessary to set up a dedicated observatory, to include of a number of qualified well-known figures.


This observatory is chaired by the sociologist Michel Wieviorka.

The following dignitaries are also members:

  • Nelson Vallejo-Gomez: Secretary-General of the Scientific Council of National Education (SG-CSEN).
  • Farhad Khosrokhavar: Sociologist, Director of Studies at EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences). Specialist in phenomena relating to radicalization.
  • Bruno Humbeeck: Educational Psychologist and author of many publications in the area of preventing school and domestic violence, abuse, drug addiction and in care for people experiencing psychosocial and/or family issues.
  • Olivier Berut: Founder of the consulting firm: “We can perfect the world. Trained in complexity sciences at the Ecole Centrale of Paris, and in psychology at the University of Buffalo (USA). He is a member of RIODD, an international network for research on organizations and sustainable development. He has worked with Edgar Morin.
  • Emmanuel Ethis: film sociologist, dean of the Academy of Rennes.
  • Roger-François Gauthier: Former Inspector General of National Education, international expert in educational policies and teaching content.