Women and Peace

march 2022

(subtitles are French but the video is in English)

In this month dedicated to Women’s Rights, our thoughts turn to the Ukrainian women. First of all because women and children are generally the people who suffer the most during conflicts. Whether they are bombed, forced into exile or taking up arms, Ukrainian women have been on the frontline since the Russian offensive began. Will they also be invited to sit at the negotiating table?

In her film “WOMEN AND MEN” Frédérique Bedos focuses on the role of women in the peace process. She invites specialists in international conflict prevention such as Dr. Scilla Elworthy, three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and Dr. Rama Mani, winner of the Peter Becker Peace Prize, to speak. Their fascinating analyses are more relevant than ever, when, for instance, they explain why most wars break out again within 5 years of a previous conflict… Or when they focus on the presence of women at the negotiation table!

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